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How to network professionally? Networking at functions and events is a skill that can be learned and does not need to feel awkward or difficult. Every professional, from beginners in networking to experienced executives, benefit from sharpening their skill at networking functions, and in online networks.

The networking experience provides live and online training, downloadable resources, a free email course and more. 

Networking Courses And Resources

Learn how to improve your networking skills and get the most out of networking at events, functions and in online networks.
Free networking skills email course

Free Email Course

Many people feel a bit uncomfortable going to networking events. This does not need to be so, opening and closing conversations with strangers is a skill that

networking skills how to

Networking Skills Program

There is no need to sell on the networking floor, but you can get people interested in your products and services by having the right elevator pitch that works for you, and get warm referrals

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Following up like a pro and keeping your network alive requires a bit of time, but especially insight and tact to make your network work for you. There are

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What others think about The Networking Experience

Victor is a very charismatic coach who is not only knowledgeable in networking but also passionate about it. As a professional networker myself, I still took some valuable tips and tricks with me to further develop my networking skills.

Sabrina Ehrle

Marketing Manager, Plasson Australia

The content and the atmosphere at the Network Experience events has been highly useful for me. Victor provides a transformational experience in how to best interact with each other and he shares principles that allow us to create enduring connections.

Andrew White

Curran & Co

Victor has great energy and connects very well with people. His events are informative and enjoyable. Keep it up Victor!

Sean Curtis

Client Relationship Manager at Link Market Services

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Victor David

Speaker & Trainer
Victor was a novice in networking 15 years ago and has gradually shaped up his networking skills over the years. Networking does not need to be a pain and can be beneficial, rewarding and even fun, if it is done well. He loves to share his enthusiasm for networking in live trainings, workshops and via online courses.

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