Learn How to Network Professionally

Professional networking is fun, rewarding and exicting, and can be learned, just like other skills.

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The Networking Experience

Great networking is about making a real connection with people, giving before seeking to receive, having fun and being open to new ideas. contacts and introductions.

How to talk with strangers

A lot of people feel uncomfortable talking to strangers at networking events.This doesn't need to be the case, opening and closing a conversation with a stranger is a skill that can be learned and is often fun and exciting too!

Alternatives to 'elevator pitches'

The good news is, you don't need to pitch your product or services at a networking event. Leave the sales objectives to a later day. There are however techinques to 'test the water' for a possible business deal without being 'salesy'.

The art of follow-up

Following up professionally and keeping your network alive takes time and tact. There are ways to do this smoothly as a simple routine in your day.

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